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Custom Software Development & Solutions

Hello and welcome to Quad Softwares software development division. We offer custom software development services to small & growing businesses worldwide. As an outsourcing company we can provide your organization with the best possible entry level products and solutions at low costs to meet your project objective.

At Quad Softwares our clients can hire us independent project rather monthly development they can hire us on project wise. These modules guarantee 75% of your in house development costs. For more details provide us your details and let us come back with briefing and quote.

We have honed our skills to understand your specific business needs and requirements and we design custom software accordingly. Our expertise in Custom Software Development makes us unique Custom Software Development Company. We have huge pool of satisfied clients, who are in small and medium scale of businesses.

Our expertise in clearly understanding the business goals of customers, choosing the most appropriate technology and efficiently design and develop solutions for them make them happy. We strongly believe that Custom Software developed by us should increases business value for our clients.

We follow the rational unified process for rich internet Custom Application Development. We adopt the spiral iterative approach while developing rich internet custom applications and cross platforms. We offer a wide range of Custom Software Development Services and Software Outsourcing Services in variety of application areas.

Our Custom Software Development Methodology has been divided in 4 simple steps.
  • Project Scope

    I am sure you don’t want to say “This is what I said but not the one I want" when we deliver. So before we start any custom application development project, we always ask our client to define scope of the project. Without having defined scope, you will not be able to measure whether we have satisfied your requirements. It does not mean that it is your duty to give us defined scope. We are here to help you with that. Our experts will be in touch with you during this phase and prepare requirement spects and get it signed from you once you are happy with the same.

  • Prototype

    If you are not technical client than it will be really difficult for you to understand like how a proposed system or work will really look like after we deliver it to you. Even there are few items where technical clients find difficulty in understanding. We understand these common problems. This is why we design layouts of mostly all pages of the proposed system and get it (Custom Software Design) approved from you before we actually proceed with development. In other words, you will see your Custom Software Design in advance before you actually get delivery.

  • Development

    This is most important and time consuming stage of Custom Software Application Development. All previous stages will help to execute this stage successfully. Considering size of the project, we decide and follow different methodologies as mentioned below to execute any custom software solution successfully.

  • Deployment & Training

    What will happen if you get laptop without any installation and Windows CD with it? Even if it has most user friendly installation, you may find trouble with it especially when you are not technical user. We understand that when we deliver project, it is real start for you. We configure custom software on your preferred third party server or your own server. Not only that, we test software again before we give green signal to you. In short, we make sure that your people use it without any trouble. Quad Softwares development methodology is unique, compatible and standardized. For example, development projects like Document Management Application demand alternatives to the standards. Our flexible software development methodologies allow smooth execution of such projects.

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