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Research and development, or R&D, software is any kind of software application that helps organize, present, or compile information. Research and development deals with gaining public insight on products, services, companies, people, and other information that businesses and governments need to know. This information helps companies better target their marketing efforts and learn about citizens and their needs.

Many R&D software applications take care of the mathematics related to information being gathered by a research and development team. This can be done by manually entering data or it can be compiled via a company website. For example, if a car company wants to find out what features consumers liked best about a specific model, they may take a poll on their website.R&D software would be enabled to gather, compile, and compute this information as a statistic.

Other types of programs that can be R&D software are business presentation systems that allow the information gathered to be displayed in an easy to read and attractive manner. Users may create spreadsheets, graphs, or charts to do this. Slide shows and movie clips may also be used to present materials.

Research and development not only provides organizations and businesses with information they need to more effectively market their products, but also helps them know what products are missing from the marketplace. Gaining customer insight allows them to create items tailored to consumer demand. R&D software can aid in this task by helping in the design of these new products.

R&D Helps

While technological developments have enabled global distribution of software development teams, and wage differentials have stimulated offshore software services export industries such as India’s, the overriding factor in the growth of globalization in this industry is the search for talented software people. The best software talent is in increasing demand as the software industry itself grows, and as software systems become a competitive tool in many other industries. Unfortunately, global supplies of the best talent are already tapped and there are no significant new sources readily available in the near future.

The implications for US trade and public policy are far-reaching. Software R&D. Software is defined as the instructions that a computer follows to perform a specified task. Software research in a corporate context is usually applied research, encompassing the design and prototyping of new products or systems, as well as the initial conception of them. Software development is the process of understanding and enumerating the requirements, translating those specifications into instructions for the computer, testing to make sure the specifications and their translation are correct, and documenting and maintaining this “program” as the people using it request modifications. The software R&D process differs from other technology R&D in that there is no tooling or manufacturing phase of product development; rather, when R&D is finished, the program is ready to copy, ship and use.

This paper focuses on corporate applied research and development. We have not addressed the “basic research” component, because it represents a truly small part of industrial software R&D activity. Software R&D spans a set of tasks including conception, design, specification, code development, testing, and documentation. In the past decade, most software outsourcing projects have focused primarily on development and testing from clearly-defined and wellspecified requirements provided by the outsourcing organization. In the more cutting-edge outsourcing endeavors, which have begun appearing more regularly in recent years, all parties to the project are involved with all stages, including the design, since it necessarily evolves iteratively with development, and is therefore much less amenable to formal specification.

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