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For Small & Growing Businesses

Quad Softwares will provide you with an exclusive, dedicated full-time technical staff on a long-term basis. Leveraging your dedicated outsource team means you can handle all your development projects quickly and efficiently at a fraction of the cost of utilizing equivalent in-house resources.

Our teams are hand-picked to assemble the right technical knowledge and skills to meet your specific needs. Our business connections in Russia, extensive network of resources in the technology community and close relations with top-ranked universities enable us to quickly build teams or add qualified engineers as needed.

At the same time, our Canadian management team is always at your service to provide a level of convenience and security that you would never get by working with most offshore development companies.

By utilizing dedicated teams, we can effectively isolate each of our clientsí development projects. This allows Quad Softwares to unequivocally guarantee the security of your software and intellectual property.

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